Show-Me Cannabis garners much media attention throughout Missouri. Here you’ll find links to these articles.

10/27/2015, Mizzou The Maneater: “Jeff Mizanskey spent over a third of his life in prison”

10/15/2015, Springfield News-Leader: “Marijuana petition campaigns kicking off in the Ozarks”

10/09/2015, Dispatch Times: “Missouri Marijuana Legalization 2015: Will Medical Cannabis Proposal Appear On”

9/23/2015, Mizzou The Maneater: “Initiative petition hopes to legalize medical marijuana”

9/23/2015, St. Louis CBS: “2 Petitions Planned to Ease Missouri Marijuana Laws”

9/22/2015, St. Louis Fox 2: “2 petitions planned to ease Missouri marijuana laws”

9/12/205, Columbia KOMU 8: “Show-Me Cannabis adopts new direction for 2016”

09/09/205, St. Louis Riverfront Times: “How an Unlikely Coalition of Family, Marijuana Activists, Redditors and a GOP State Rep Freed Jeff Mizanskey from Life in Prison”

07/21/2015, Columbia ABC 17: “Nonprofit sues MUSTANG Drug Task Force”

07/07/2015, St. Louis Riverfront Times: “‘Mastermind’ of Oregon Marijuana Legalization Turns Attention to Missouri”

06/07/2015, St. Louis Public Radio: “Will Missouri join the states embracing pot?”

05/26/2015, “Missouri Man Sentenced To Life In Prison For Marijuana May Go Free”

04/25/2015, Kansas City Star: “Missouri ponders medical marijuana — and the money to be made selling it”

04/23/2015, St. Louis Fox 2: “Fox Files: Missouri man faces life for marijuana”

03/04/2015, “Grandfather Serving Life Sentence for Pot May Be One Step Closer to Freedom”

03/04/2015, Northwest Missourian: “Two Missouri non-profit organizations begin producing hemp oil”

02/26/2015, St. Louis Big 550 KTRS: “Missouri Senator proposes legalization of marijuana”

02/24/2015, St. Louis Fox 2: “Cannabis oil to be sold in Missouri legally”

02/24/2015, The Inquisitr: “The Quest For Legal Pot In Missouri: Exclusive Interview With Show-Me Cannabis Executive Director John Payne”

02/21/2015, “Show-Me Cannabis questions area drug strike force”

02/20/2015, St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “Republican wants to free Missouri man serving life without parole for marijuana”

02/18/2015, Columbia Missourian: “Survey results underestimate support for legalizing pot, activists say”

02/10/2015, Columbia ABC 17: “Pro marijuana group files lawsuit against drug task forces”

02/10/2015, Kansas City KMBC 9: “Missouri governor to review prisoner’s life sentence for marijuana”

02/10/2015, Springfield KSMU Ozarks Public Radio: “Marijuana Lobbyists Push To Legalize Medical Marijuana”

02/09/2015, St. Louis Big 550 KTRS: “Pot group sues mayor, police chief”

02/09/2015, Lake News Online: “Pot group sues law enforcement”

02/03/2015, St. Louis Riverfront Times: “Police Block Public From Drug Task Force Meeting”

02/03/2015, Jonesboro, AR ABC 8: “Report: Missouri drug task force records difficult to obtain”

01/29/2015, High Times: “Jeff Mizanskey Fears Dying in Jail Over Pot Charges”

01/28/2015, St. Louis Riverfront Times: “Ideological Differences Spark Controversy Inside Missouri’s Marijuana Movement”

01/26/2015, St. Louis CBS/KMOX: “St. Louis County Drug Task Force Accused of Violating State Law”

01/12/2015, Kansas City KCUR: “Missouri Marijuana Activists Seek Reforms From 2015 Legislative Session”

01/05/2015, Kansas City Star: “Amber Iris Langston is on the front lines to legalize marijuana in Missouri”

01/02/2015, “Missouri marijuana in 2016”

12/30/2014, St. Louis Riverfront Times: “Nixon Pardons Nine Nonviolent Offenders, Ignores Man Serving Life for Pot”

12/28/2014, Lake of the Ozarks “Mo. Pot Activists Gear Up for 2016”

12/18/2014, Columbia Missourian: “Leader of Oregon’s marijuana movement sets sights on Missouri” — Article about Show-Me Cannabis board member Anthony Johnson

12/12/2014, Kansas City KCUR: “New Marijuana Legalization Initiative Filed In Jefferson City”

12/9/2014, High Times: “Show-Me Cannabis Celebrates the Repeal of Prohibition” — Repeal Day Party coverage

11/28/2014, “The March Toward Marijuana Legalization: 2016 and Beyond”

11/18/2014, St. Louis Riverfront Times: St. Louis Post-Dispatch Endorses Missouri Efforts to Legalize Marijuana in 2016″

11/15/2014, St. Louis FOX 2: “New Missouri state representative advocates legalizing marijuana” — Conference coverage

11/14/2014, St. Louis CBS/KMOX: Hancock & Kelley Show — Executive Director John Payne discusses how a legal cannabis industry can boost economic growth in Missouri

11/13/2014, Kansas City Star: “Legal marijuana could make for better control of the drug” — Conference coverage

11/13/2014, St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “Editorial: Could pot legalization make Missouri’s 2016 ballot? Let’s hope so.” — Endorsement of Show-Me Cannabis’ initiative

11/09/2014, Lake of the Ozarks “Legalization in Midterms Impacts Efforts in the Show-Me State”

11/07/2014, Southeast Missourian: “Petition filed in favor of legalizing cannabis in Missouri”

11/07/2014, Cape Girardeau KFVS 12: “Legalizing marijuana debate continues”

11/07/2014, Springfield KSPR 33: “Marijuana petition being considered in Missouri”

11/06/2014, Kansas City KSHB: “Group starts early push to legalize marijuana in Missouri”

11/06/2014, Greenfield, Indiana, Daily Reporter: “New initiative seeks to put legalization of marijuana on Missouri’s 2016 ballot”

11/06/2014, The Rolla Daily News: “Proposal would put marijuana on Missouri ballot”

11/06/2014, Springfield News-Leader: “Proposal would put legalized marijuana on Missouri ballot”

11/06/2014, Springfield KSPR 33: “Petition submitted to legalize Marijuana in Missouri”

11/06/2014, St. Louis Public Radio: “Group Files Petition To Put Marijuana Legalization on 2016 Ballot”

11/06/2014, The Weed Blog: “2016 Marijuana Legalization Petition Submitted in Missouri”

11/06/2014, St. Louis Riverfront Times: “Show-Me Cannabis Files Petition to Put Legal Weed on November 2016 Ballot”

11/06/2014, St. Louis CBS/KMOX: “Show-Me Cannabis Files Petition to Get Legalization of Marijuana on Ballot”

11/06/2014, Columbia Missourian: “Show-Me Cannabis files initiative petition to legalize marijuana”

11/06/2014, Columbia KOMU 8: “Proposal would put marijuana on Missouri 2016 ballot”

11/06/2014, Columbia KOMU 8: “Show-Me Cannabis looking to legalize pot in 2016”

11/05/2014, Lake of the Ozarks “Petition filed to put recreational marijuana on Missouri’s 2016 ballot”

11/05/2014, Ozarks First: “Show-Me Cannabis Files Petition to Legalize Marijuana in 2016”

11/05/2014, Cape Girardeau KFVS 12: “MO group files cannabis legalization, tax, regulation petition”

11/03/2014, Kansas City The Pitch: “Missouri may get to vote on marijuana legalization in 2016”

11/03/2014, St. Louis Riverfront Times: “Why 2016 Could Be the Year Missouri Legalizes Marijuana”

10/31/2014, St. Louis CBS/KMOX: “Effort to Free Jeff Mizanskey from Life Sentence for Marijuana Takes Big Step”

10/28/2014, The Weed Blog: “Missouri Marijuana Legalization Advocates Aim For 2016”

10/27/2014, “This Billboard Could Help Free a Grandfather Serving Life in Prison for Marijuana”

10/24/2014, Kansas City Star: “Pot legalization effort moves slowly in Missouri, but advocates have hope for 2016”

10/13/2014, Columbia Daily Tribune: “Local activist sues narcotics officers group for alleged violations of Sunshine Law”

10/13/2014, The Lebanon Daily Record: “Group pushes to make cannabis legal in Mo.” — Town Hall coverage

10/07/2014, The Lebanon Daily Record: “Show-Me Cannabis tour to make Lebanon stop”

09/23/2014, “San Diego to Welcome 30 Dispensaries and Missouri Says ‘Show-Me Cannabis!’: The Leafly Cannabis Legalization Update”

09/23/2014, St. Louis CBS/KMOX: “Calls Renewed for Clemency for Man Serving Life for Marijuana Possession”

09/23/2014, Jefferson City “Candidate backs ‘Free Mizanskey’ campaign”

09/22/2014, Sedalia “Congressman Candidate Urges Governor Jay Nixon to Grant Clemency For Sedalia Man”

09/22/2014, St. Louis Public Radio: “Supporters Step Up Efforts To Win Clemency For Inmate With Life Sentence a For Marijuana”

09/19/2014, Lake of the Ozarks “Marijuana laws relax; could mellow further” — Warrensburg town hall coverage

09/05/2014, “Show-Me Cannabis to meet in Warrensburg”

09/04/2014, Springfield KSPR 33: “Show-Me Cannabis Forum Held in Ozark”

09/04/2014, Springfield KSPR 33: “Show-Me Cannabis Forum” — Ozark/Nixa town hall coverage

08/14/2014, St. Joseph “Group makes pitch for marijuana legalization”

08/08/2014, Maryville Daily Forum: “Pro-pot group sending speakers to Maryville”

08/04/2014, NBC “Organization stops in Hannibal to discuss legalizing marijuana”

08/04/2014, “Pro-pot group brings statewide campaign to Hannibal”

07/30/2014, St. Louis Riverfront Times: “Radio Station Owner Airs Medical Marijuana Ads: “People Thank Me for Running Ads!”

07/28/2014, The New York Times: “The Injustice of Marijuana Arrests” — mentions Jeff Mizanskey

07/21/2014, Kansas City KSHB 41: “Show me cannibas [sic] in the Show Me State?”

07/20/2014, Kansas City KSHB 41: “Medical marijuana supporters in Kansas, Missouri team up to raise awareness”

07/20/2014, Kansas City Fox 4: “Marchers push for legalized medical cannabis in Missouri and Kansas”

07/08/2014, Kansas City KSHB 41: “Group and lawmaker push to legalize cannabis farming in Missouri”

07/04/2014, “MISSOURI: Life, Liberty, & the Pursuit of Happiness Money Bomb”

06/04/2014, Lake of the Ozarks “I-44 billboard promotes marijuana legalization”

06/02/2014, Branson KRZK Radio: “Show-Me Cannabis Forum Well Attended”

05/30/2014, Springfield KSPR 33: “Show-Me Cannabis holding town hall meeting in Branson”

05/30/2014, Branson Tri-Lakes News: “Show-Me Cannabis hosts meeting in Branson”

05/29/2014, “Show-Me Cannabis Holds Q&A in Branson”

05/01/2014, Springfield KTTS 94.7: “Springfield Paying $225,000 To End Pot Penalty Lawsuit”

05/01/2014, Springfield KY3: “City of Springfield pays $225,000 to group pushing to change marijuana laws”

05/01/2014, Springfield KSPR 33: “City of Springfield pays $225,000 to end lawsuit over ordinance to lessen pot possession penalties”

04/30/2014, Springfield KSPR 33: “Show-Me Cannabis holding town hall meeting in Branson”

04/30/2014, Springfield KSPR 33: “Show-Me Cannabis holding series of ‘town hall’ meetings across the State”

04/29/2014, Branson Tri-Lakes News: “Pro-cannabis rally set for May 29 in Branson”

04/27/2014, Columbia Daily Tribune: “Talk of legalization pervades Missouri Cannabis Conference”

04/27/2014, Columbia “Pot policy main topic at cannabis conference”

04/25/2014, Lake of the Ozarks “Missouri Cannabis Conference coming to MU”

04/24/2014, Springfield KY3: “Springfield settles lawsuit over proposed marijuana decriminalization”

04/24/2014, Springfield “Springfield settling lawsuit over lesser pot penalties”

04/21/2014, St. Louis CBS/KMOX: “Group Calls for Pardon for Man Serving Life on Marijuana Charges”

04/16/2014, Lake of the Ozarks “Could epileptic patients be first Missourians to legally use marijuana?”

04/14/2014, St. Louis Riverfront Times: “‘Free Jeff Mizansky’ Efforts Continue with Billboards and 360,000 Signatures”

04/03/2014, St. Louis Riverfront Times: “Cannabis Reform Advocates Say Missouri Still Has a Chance for Medical Marijuana in 2014”

04/01/2014, Kansas City Star: “Missouri medical marijuana bill gets hearing in state Senate”

03/28/2014, Jefferson City “Panel discusses marijuana proposals”

03/27/2014, KRCG 13: “Marijuana advocates host panel as legalization debate continues”

03/27/2014, Southeast Missourian: “About 50 gather for marijuana legalization town hall meeting”

03/27/2014, Dexter Daily Statesman: “Sikeston Town Hall meeting held to discuss legalizing marijuana”

03/26/2014, Sikeston Standard Democrat: “Town Hall meeting held to discuss legalizing marijuana”

03/26/2014, Washington, MO, Missourian: “Large Turnout for Show Me Cannabis Town Hall Event”

03/25/2014, St. Louis Magazine: “Panel at Harris-Stowe University Discusses Issues Surrounding Marijuana in Missouri”

03/25/2014, Cape Girardeau KFVS 12: “Both sides gather in Sikeston, Mo. to debate marijuana legalization”

03/24/2014, Cape Girardeau KFVS 12: “Bernie mother fights for legalization of marijuana”

03/24/2014, St. Louis KSDK: “Debate focuses on marijuana legalization”

03/24/2014, St. Louis CBS/KMOX: “Marijuana Forum Will Feature Local Lawmakers”

03/24/2014, Cape Girardeau KFVS 12: “Marijuana debate continues in Missouri”

03/21/2014, Sikeston Standard Democrat: “Meeting will address marijuana law reforms”

03/19/2014, Springfield “McCaskill turns focus to sexual assaults on college campuses” — McCaskill town hall coverage including cannabis reform questions

03/16/2014, Dexter Daily Statesman: “Battling seizures, a Bernie mother joins the medical marijuana debate”

03/13/2014, St. Louis CBS: “Pro-Marijuana Group Calls On Mo. Gov. for Pardon”

03/11/2014, Columbia Daily Tribune: “Marijuana advocates press case for legalization at House committee hearing”

03/10/2014, Kansas City KCTV 5: “Missouri lawmakers debate legalizing marijuana”

02/26/2014, Mizzou The Maneater: “Missouri marijuana legalization initiative delayed to 2016”

02/24/2014, “Show-Me Cannabis steps back from November ballot”

02/23/2014, Kansas City Fox 4 News: “Missouri lawmakers to consider legalizing medical marijuana” — Show-Me Cannabis Board Member Amber Iris Langston quoted

02/20/204, Greenfield, Indiana Daily Reporter: “Missouri marijuana supporters to delay legalization effort until 2016 election”

02/18/2014, Columbia Missourian: “Missouri marijuana legalization advocates decide to wait for 2016”

02/17/2014, Columbia Missourian: “Missouri marijuana legalization advocates use opinion polls to determine next move”

02/10/2014, Kansas City Star: “Jackson County legislator opposes legalizing marijuana in Missouri”

02/09/2014, The Eric Farris Show on 106.3 KRZK: Interview with Dan Viets, Show-Me Cannabis Board Chair

02/08/2014, “Legal Pot Coming Soon? 50-State Marijuana Law Roundup”

02/04/2014, Columbia Daily Tribune: “Chris Kelly files bill to legalize marijuana”

02/03/2014, St. Louis Riverfront Times: “Marijuana Legalization Proposals Submitted by Activists, Politicians, and Man Doing Life for Pot”

01/30/2014, KRCG 13: “Legalized Missouri marijuana polling begins”

01/29/2014, The Daily Beast: “From Dry to High: Your Guide to State Pot Laws”

01/25/2014, Park Hills Daily Journal: “Meeting sparks marijuana debate”

01/23/2014: The Joplin Globe: “Marijuana forum draws crowd in Joplin” — Opposition event coverage quoting Show-Me Cannabis board members and volunteers

01/23/2014, St. Louis Riverfront Times: “Why Won’t Governor Nixon Say Anything About Marijuana Reform?”

01/22/2014, Park Hills Daily Journal: “Cannabis Prohibition” — Editorial by John Payne

01/22/2014, St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “Show-Me Cannabis is Proud to Present ‘Trivia Night’ Fundraiser” (Columbia)

01/21/2014, Ozark’s First: “Group Looks to Gather Signatures for Pot Petition”

01/20/2014, Columbia KOMU 8: “Obama’s Comments Stoke Marijuana Debate in Missouri”

01/17/2014, The Daily Chronic: “Missouri Marijuana Legalization Petitions Approved for Circulation”

01/16/2014, The Tom Woods Show: Interview with John Payne about the drug war and the militarization of the police

01/16/2014, St. Louis KMOV 4: “Marijuana legalization may soon appear on Missouri ballots”

01/15/2014, St. Louis KSDK 5: “Missouri approves 13 petitions for marijuana legalization”

01/15/2014, St. Louis “Petitions for legalization of marijuana in Missouri are approved for circulation”

01/15/2014, The Daily Chronic: “Medical Marijuana, Decriminalization Bills Filed In Missouri” — article by Dan Viets, JD, Show-Me Cannabis Regulation Board Chair

01/13/2014, St. Louis KDHX: “On Demand with John Payne, Show-Me Cannabis”

01/13/2014, Lake of the Ozarks “Marijuana legalization effort gaining steam, supporters at the Lake”

01/10/2014, “Show-Me Cannabis to Host Town Hall Meeting in Park Hills”

01/09/2014, Lake of the Ozarks “Marijuana legalization town hall tonight”

12/19/2013, Russ Belville: “Live Tweets of the Great St. Louis Legalization Debate”

12/19/2013, St. Louis Riverfront Times: “Reefer Rumble! Show-Me Cannabis Debates Missouri Drug Cop on Marijuana Legalization”

12/18/2013, St. Louis KSDK 5: “Should Missouri legalize marijuana?” — Debate coverage

12/18/2013, St. Louis Mark Reardon on KMOX: Debate coverage

12/18/2013, St. Louis McGraw Milhaven on KTRS: “Should Marijuana be Legal in Missouri?” — Debate coverage (YouTube video)

12/18/2013, St. Louis FOX 2: “Battle over legalizing marijuana squares off in public debate”

12/17/2013, St. Louis FOX 2: “Marijuana debate expected to draw huge crowd”

12/16/2013, St. Louis Riverfront Times: “Cop’s ‘Stupid Potheads’ Remarks Spark Marijuana Legalization Debate Wednesday”

12/12/2013, Cape Girardeau KFVS 12: “Should Missouri change its marijuana laws?”

12/11/2013, “‘Show-Me Cannabis’ Holds Town Hall Meeting in St. Joseph”

12/11/2013, St. Joseph “Group holds marijuana town hall”

12/10/2013, Kansas City Fox 4: “Taking marijuana off KC streets gets mixed reaction”

12/9/2013, St. Louis Riverfront Times: “Show-Me Cannabis Submits Proposals to Make Legal Marijuana Your Constitutional Right”

12/5/2013, “Missouri Marijuana Legalization Initiatives Filed”

12/5/2013, Dexter Daily Statesman: “Show Me Cannabis to host public meeting Dec. 12 at TRC Tinnin Center”

12/5/2013, “Wary of weather, cannabis group reschedules”

12/4/2013, “Group promoting marijuana legalization coming to the Lake”

12/3/2013, Ozark Area Network: “Marijuana Legalization Discussion Touches on Economic, Medical Impact”

12/3/2013, West Plains Daily Quill: “Reform cannabis rules in Mo.”

11/16/2013, Video of Fall 2013 Missouri Cannabis Policy Conference Speakers and Panelists

11/16/2013, St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “Prohibition doesn’t prevent teens from using marijuana” — Letter to the Editor by SMC Executive Director John Payne

11/16/2013, Kansas City KSGB 41: “Local groups debate marijuana use, legalization” — Fall conference coverage

11/14/2013, Joplin KOAM 7: “Special Report: Pot or Not”

11/13/2013, The Daily Chronic: “Missouri Statewide Conference on Marijuana Law Reform This Saturday”

11/12/2013, The Daily Chronic: “MO: Columbia City Council Considers Decriminalizing Cannabis Cultivation” — article by SMCR Board Chair Dan Viets

11/6/2013, Kansas City 96.5 The Buzz: Interview with Show-Me Cannabis Board Member Amber Langston

11/4/2013, St. Louis Riverfront Times: “Missouri Drug Cop Accepts Challenge to Debate Show-Me Cannabis on Marijuana Prohibition”

11/2/2013, The Lebanon Daily Record: “Efforts under way to loosen cannabis laws”

11/1/2013, Cape Girardeau KFVS 12: “Cannabis controversy, both sides want everyone informed”

10/31/2013, Southeast Missourian: “Comments prompt a debate offer from marijuana advocate” (Scanned version of page one and page two)

10/30/2013, The Weed Blog: “Show-Me Cannabis Executive Director Challenges Narcotics Officer To Debate”

10/30/2013, St. Louis Riverfront Times: “Missouri Drug Cop Says Marijuana Legalization Advocates Are Stupid Welfare-Sucking Potheads Who Probably Can’t Read”

10/30/2013, The Lebanon Daily Record: “Should it be legal?”

10/26/2013, St. Louis Vital Voice: “Show-Me Cannabis Creates Buzz”

10/22/2013, Southeast Missourian: “Show-Me Cannabis discusses plans for the legalization of marijuana in the state”

10/22/2013, St. Louis Riverfront Times: “St. Louis Drag Queens Raise Funds for Marijuana Legalization”

10/21/2013, St. Louis KMOX: “Show-Me Cannabis Speaking in Cape Girardeau Tonight”

10/21/2013, Southeast Missouri State University KRCU: “Marijuana Legalization Advocates Speak To Packed House In Cape Girardeau”

10/21/2013, Cape Girardeau CBS KFVS 12: “Pro-Cannabis group speaks in Cape Girardeau”

10/17/2013, Southeast Missourian: “Cannabis legalization group to meet Monday at Cape public library”

10/16/2013, The Missouri Times: “Kelly speaks to Show-Me Cannabis town hall, expresses support of legalization efforts”

10/09/2013, Television Coverage of Kansas City Town Hall on Fox 4 KC, KMBC, and KSHB

10/09/2013, Kansas City Fox 4: “Group hopes to build support for marijuana legalization in Missouri” — Kansas City Town Hall coverage

10/09/2013, Kansas City KMBC 9: “Effort underway to legalize marijuana in Missouri” — Kansas City Town Hall coverage

10/09/2013, Kansas City KMBC 9: “Former prosecutor backs push to legalize pot in Missouri” — Kansas City Town Hall coverage

10/09/2013, Kansas City KSHB 41: “Group makes way through Missouri to gain support in legalizing marijuana” — Kansas City Town Hall coverage

09/24/2013, Mizzou The Maneater Student Newspaper: “Missouri legislators, activists to helm marijuana legalization push”

09/22/2013, The Weed Blog: “Message of Marijuana Reform Receives Warm Reception in Missouri”

09/21/2013, St. Louis CBS: “MO Lawmakers Weigh New Push on Marijuana Reforms”

09/21/2013, Columbia Tribune: “Marijuana: Sanity creeps in”

09/21/2013, Cape Girardeau KFVS 12: “Mo. lawmakers weigh new push on marijuana reforms”

09/21/2013, San Francisco SFGate: “Mo. lawmakers weigh new push on marijuana reforms”

09/21/2013, Cape Girardeau: “Mo. lawmakers weigh new push on marijuana reforms”

09/20/2013, Columbia Missourian: “Marijuana legalization supported at forum”

09/18/2013, Columbia Missourian: “State Rep. Kelly to speak at town hall meeting about legalizing marijuana”

08/27/2013, The Joplin Globe: “Group advocating legalization of marijuana outlines arguments during Joplin stop”

08/26/2013, The Joplin Globe: “John Payne, guest columnist: War on drugs a real threat to every American’s rights”

08/25/2013, The Joplin Globe: “Marijuana reform documentary slated to be shown in Joplin”

08/21/2013, Springfield News-Leader: “City seeks to dismiss marijuana lawsuit”

08/20/2013, Missouri State University Standard: “Get up to date on the local government events happening in Springfield” — Mention of Springfield decriminalization initiative lawsuit

08/13/2013, “Panel discusses reforming marijuana laws in Missouri”

08/02/2013, St. Louis Riverfront Times: “Illinois Gov. Signs Medical Marijuana Bill: Will Law Boost Pot Reform Efforts in Missouri?”

07/29/2013, St. Louis Riverfront Times: “Marijuana Legalization in Missouri: Rep. Rory Ellinger Plans Bill to Regulate Pot Like Colorado”

07/26/2013, St. Louis Public Radio: “Mo. House Interim Committee On Downsizing State Govt. Submits Findings To Speaker”

07/26/2013, St. Louis Riverfront Times: “Marijuana Advocates Sue City of Springfield for Blocking Decriminalization Ordinance”

04/25/2013, Springfield 104.1 KSGF: “Why Is Springfield Being Sued” (Audio, from approx 12:30 to 21:00)

07/25/2013, The Weed Blog: “Marijuana Advocates File Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Springfield City Council”

07/25/2013, Columbus, Indiana, The Republic: “Springfield officials sued over marijuana petition”

07/25/2013, Columbia Missourian: “Springfield officials sued over marijuana petition”

07/25/2013, The Kansas City Star: “Springfield officials sued over marijuana petition”

07/25/2013, Springfield KSPR 33: “Lawsuit alleges constitutional violations against people who signed marijuana petition in Springfield”

07/25/2013, Ozarks Public Radio KSMU: “Springfield hit With Lawsuit Over Handling Of Pot Petition”

07/25/2013, Springfield News-Leader: “No vote on pot? We’ll see you in court”

07/25/2013, Springfield News-Leader: “City sued for its handling of pot bill”

07/25/2013, The Daily Chronic: “Marijuana Law Reform Advocates Sue City of Springfield, Missouri”

07/25/2013, Springfield KY3: “Pro-marijuana groups sue Springfield mayor, city council over failed pot decriminalization efforts”

07/20/2013, The Daily Chronic: “Missouri Lawmakers Hear From Supporters Marijuana Legalization and Decriminalization”

07/19/2013, Southeast Missourian: “Advocates for tax cuts, pot use testify in Mo.”

07/19/2013, Columbia Daily Tribune: “Panel hears ideas for downsizing Missouri’s government”

07/18/2013, St. Louis Public Radio: “Downsizing State Government Tour Ends At Mo. Capitol”

07/17/2013, The Joplin Globe: “House committee hears testimony at meeting in Joplin”

07/17/2013, Springfield News-Leader: “Downsizing State Government”

07/17/2013, The Missouri Times: “House committee to decrease government size wraps up first day of hearings”

07/16/2013, St. Louis Beacon: “Best way to downsize government? Cut taxes and legalize marijuana, speakers tell panel”

07/09/2013, The Fix: “St. Louis Cop Moonlights as Pro-Pot Advocate”

07/05/2013, The Weed Blog: “Police Sgt. Can Continue To Work With Missouri ‘Show Me Cannabis’ Campaign”

07/04/2013, The Weed Blog: “Declare Your Independence From Cannabis Prohibition”

07/03/2013, St. Louis CBS: “Marijuana Lobbyist gets Go Ahead from Chief Dotson”

07/03/2013, The Kansas City Star: “Missouri police officer gets approval to moonlight as Show-Me Cannabis lobbyist”

06/24/2013, The Weed Blog: “Show-Me Cannabis Activists Featured in National Magazine”

06/11/2013, Springfield KSPR ABC 33: “Study suggests blacks more likely than whites to be arrested in Greene County for pot possession” — SMCR Board Member Maranda Reynolds is quoted in the article

06/08/2013, Springfield “Springfield, Seattle worlds apart on marijuana laws”

06/02/2013, The Daily Chronic: “The Hidden History of the Pot Lobby”

05/28/2013, The Weed Blog: “Testimony In Support of Missouri Marijuana Decriminalization Bill”

05/26/2013, The Weed Blog: “Marijuana Decriminalization Receives Sympathetic Hearing In Jefferson City, Missouri”

05/24/2013, The Weed Blog: “Cannabis Activists See Democracy Trampled In Springfield, Missouri”

05/23/2013, St. Louis Riverfront Times: “Springfield Politicians Again Reject Pot Reform Law, Activists Consider Lawsuit”

05/23/2013, Kansas City Star: “County sheriff’s pot busts draw ire in Columbia”

05/23/2013, Kansas City Star: “Group says sheriff’s pot busts disregard Columbia’s marijuana ordinance”

05/21/2013, San Francisco SFGate: “Springfield won’t lower marijuana penalities”

05/20/2013, Springfield “Marijuana bill, zoning repeal up for council vote tonight”

05/17/2013, St. Louis Riverfront Times: “Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Finally Gets Hearing on Last Day of Missouri Session”

05/17/2013, Columbia Daily Tribune: “Pot laws get late attention”

05/13/2013, The Daily Chronic: “Verizon Wireless Amphitheater Denies Marijuana Reform Activists”

05/08/2013, St. Louis Riverfront Times: “Marijuana Reform Now Law in St. Louis, Chief Sam Dotson Says Will Improve Prosecutions”

05/07/2013, Jonesboro, Arkansas, ABC:  “Missouri mayor signs marijuana law”

05/07/2013, Springfield KTTS 94.7 FM: “Springfield Marijuana Law Debated”

05/07/2013, Springfield “Speakers at Springfield City Council meeting discourage sending marijuana bill, rezoning petition to August ballot”

05/06/2013, Springfield “City Council to Vote in Two Weeks on Marijuana, Walmart Issues”

05/02/2013, St. Louis Riverfront Times: “Parkway Students Caught With Marijuana; KTVI Explores the Dangers of Pot Brownies”

05/01/2013, St. Louis FOX 2: “Parkway Students Caught With Pot Brownies At School”

4/29/2013, KCMO Morning Show with Greg Napp: Discussion on marijuana decriminalization in Kansas City with Amber Iris Langston, SMCR Board of Directors

4/28/2013, KSHB Action News 41: Report on possible marijuana decriminalization in Kansas City with Amber Langston, SMCR Board of Directors

04/26/2013, St. Louis Riverfront Times: “Marijuana: After Success With Pot Law Reform in St. Louis, Activists Look to Kansas City”

04/25/2013, The Kansas City Star: “Marijuana activists eye KC for decriminalization after win in St. Louis”

04/25/2013, Independence Examiner: “Pot activists eye KC for decriminalization”

04/25/2013, Kansas City KCTV 5: “Missouri pot activists eye KC for decriminalization”

04/24/2013, St. Louis Riverfront Times: “Marijuana: Gary Wiegert’s Free-Speech Lawsuit Goes Forward, Sgt. Hopes to Lobby for Reform”

04/23/2013, The Weed Blog: “Opening Remarks—Show-Me Cannabis 2013 Spring Law Reform Conference” — SMCR Conference Coverage

04/19/2013, The Weed Blog: “Huge Marijuana Reform Victory in Saint Louis”

04/18/2013, The Weed Blog: “Show-Me Cannabis Regulation’s John Payne On The Russ Belville Show”

04/16/2013, The Daily Chronic: “St. Louis Reduces Penalties for Marijuana Possession”

04/16/2013, Reason: “St. Louis Board of Aldermen Vote to Reduce Penalties for Marijuana Possession, Jail Still an Option (UPDATED)” — Updated with correction from John Payne

04/15/2013, St. Louis Post Dispatch: “Pot penalties cut by St. Louis aldermen”

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04/12/2013, Tony Ryan, Conference Keynote Speaker, on the Mark Reardon Show (Coming Soon)

04/12/2013, Tony Ryan, Conference Keynote Speaker, on McGraw Milhaven (Coming Soon)

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