If we want to create political change, we must explain why cannabis prohibition must end to undecided voters, our opponents, and even our supporters through arguments and stories to which they can relate. People are more likely to listen to what you have to say if they relate to you in some way — if they see you as a friend, neighbor, or member of their community.

Accordingly, we are looking for your stories and arguments to publish here. This section will be devoted to supporter-submitted content explaining why you think we should end cannabis prohibition. If you have written a letter to your local paper, send a copy along to us. If you use cannabis medically and want to tell your story to the world, we’d like to hear it. If you have been abused by the criminal justice system and want to prevent others from enduring the same, tell us your story. If you fled to another state because of Missouri’s draconian cannabis laws, remind the people of your home state how Missouri’s unjust laws forced you to become a refugee.

We hope to add to this section continuously. There is a whole host of statistics showing the harms of marijuana prohibition — nearly 20,000 Missourians arrested every year for marijuana offenses at a cost of $150 million, etc. — but those numbers miss the real human tragedies behind them. Showing our fellow Missourians the real, personal harms this failed policy inflicts upon their friends, neighbors, and community members can shift people’s attitudes on this issue rapidly.

Please help us in that mission and submit your letter or story by emailing Show-Me Cannabis Executive Director John Payne at john@show-mecannabis.com.