Urgent: Help Jeff Mizanskey Survive

September 4, 2015 | show-mecannabis

Dear Show-Me Cannabis supporters,

Amber-Ward-with-Jeff-MizanskeyTwenty-one years ago, my uncle Jeff was sentenced to die behind bars. All because of a nonviolent marijuana offense. He should not have been put away in the first place.

But now, thanks to your amazing work, you made history and got him out! Now it’s time to help make sure Jeff survives. Please consider making a donation. Every dollar makes a difference and the need is urgent.

Missouri’s prison system is doing very little — actually almost nothing — to help Jeff readjust. Until recently, Jeff had never heard of Wifi. He is just learning how to use the Internet. He recently saw a smartphone for the first time. While in prison, he worked for the furniture finishing shop, making $0.71 cents an hour, but that money was used to by basic things like soap, pens and paper. He thought he’d be behind bars for the rest of his life and does not have much savings.

We are hoping to raise enough money so that Jeff can survive long enough to find a job. He also wants to share his story with others so that what happened to him does not happen to others. If this campaign really takes off, he’d like to donate to Show-Me Cannabis to offset the cost of the work it took to get him out so that we can help other victims of the drug war.

Our family was devastated when Jeff was sentenced to prison. Thank you for changing our lives and making history. Please consider helping us one more time.

Thank you.

Amber, Jeff, and the rest of the Mizanskey Family