Jeff Mizanskey Granted Parole

Dan Viets
August 11, 2015 | Dan Viets

Yesterday, Jeff Mizanskey was informed by the staff of the Missouri Department of Corrections that his application for parole has been granted. He is expected to be released within the next ten to 25 days. His release could come sooner.

Following a parole hearing last Thursday at the Jefferson City Correctional Center, the Parole Board indicated it might be six to eight weeks before a decision was reached. However, the strong expression of support for Jeff’s release by members of the Missouri General Assembly and members of the general public may have accelerated the speed of the decision.

I spoke this morning with Jeff’s brother Mike Mizanskey and his son Chris Mizanskey. Jeff’s family is thrilled that he will soon be back at home after 21 years of incarceration for non-violent, victimless marijuana law violations.

Jeff was sentenced to serve life without parole under Missouri’s “prior and persistent drug offender” law. He has never been convicted of any felony other than relatively small marijuana law violations. He has never even been charged with any act of violence toward any other person.

Missouri NORML, Show-Me Cannabis, and have all worked together to support Jeff’s petition for clemency and his application for parole, and I’ve had the pleasure of representing him in the parole process.

Jeff’s release is a monumental success for everyone involved. Please help Show-Me Cannabis continue our work towards a freer Missouri by contributing $10 here, and help Jeff get back on his feet by donating to his GoFundMe here.