Bill to Free Jeff Mizanskey Advanced by Corrections Committee

Aaron Malin
March 11, 2015 | Aaron Malin

This morning, the House Corrections Committee voted HB 978 “do pass” and passed the bill out of committee. HB 978 would free Jeff Mizanskey, who is currently serving a sentence of life without parole for marijuana offenses. The bill, introduced by Representative Shamed Dogan (R – Ballwin), passed 11-1 following the adoption of an amendment adding an emergency clause and clarifying procedural issues.

Committee Chair Fitzwater indicated Representative Roden (the sole “no” vote) had some “concerns” about the bill and said amendments were likely as the bill moves through the select committee on its way to the house floor. I’m currently trying to figure out what those amendments might be, and we will provide an update in the near future. One possibility seems to be that the bill could be amended to require Probation and Parole to give Jeff a hearing, as opposed to requiring them to release him outright. We are still optimistic about Jeff’s prospects for freedom, and if you want to support our efforts to get him out, you can contribute here.